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I feel totally. Out of place. I don't know if I've managed the past exams or the upcoming hardest one on tuesday (bunch of prayers s'il te plaît).
These exams are close to A- Levels in the abroad. Around here, they are necessary if you wanna go to university.
I know. School blah blah.
But if it wasn't enough to feel messed up I don't even know what to study after.
And. Oh gosh. This doesn't sound half as fcknghard as it is for me.
AND for my own sake I fell in love with someone that detests me like I detest Bananas. And I hate em. T_T
Being young let's me overract on things that don't really matter at all.
But I don't know what really matters.

Let's enjoy beauty and forget meiosis for some minutes. T_T


29 April 2009 @ 14:16

Just watched 'Antique Bakery' some while ago and let me tell you: YOU WILL BE SURPRISED (NO SPOILERS). It's not just some funny, shiny, cute story ongoing - there's even more than this. You will love it. Watch it!


A so. These days I'm studying for my last 2 exams (AND GOD PLEASE HUULP). Meanwhile I try to do as much as I can to find a good thing to study at Uni but I can't find anything interesting that doesnt already have expired dead-line T__T 
I also update my reaaal bllooog so check it out and try for Google translator to get this German stuff right.
Maybe you just enjoy some artwork. Upcoming stuff. And. My witty repartee. LOL

Ah.... I'm confused.

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29 March 2009 @ 17:06

I am so curious about "Antique Bakery", a film from South Korea. Just searching for english subtitles ´@__@
Currently I just delay my "korean lessons" - O.K. I simply try to teach it myself and I guess I am kinda successful in reading & writng Hangul but I still lack in speaking since I don't know much of vocabulary.
Maybe I'll go for watching more films, dramas etc. after graduation. Sounds kinda naive, but in my view TV can be really helpful in learning a language.

Hopefully I can get much more experiences IN Korea, I plan on a vacation in Busan or Seoul (*O*).
But until then let's focus on antique

I'm talking about it frequently. I want to move. I want to learn something new.
I started with Hangul. Lovely. I adore this language. And the culture due to it. A few weeks ago I had the idea to study 'east asian studies'. It's amazing. In the 4th year of it you might have to study a year in Korea. That would me ace!!
It might sound naive to you, imaginary reader, but to me it's pretty realistic. Learning more about Korea is a good chance in getting a job later.
Well. Ah. Give me your prayers that I won't be too lazy the next 2 years, cause I still have to pass the last 2 years of school before being allowed to study. It will be hard cause I'm a totally lazy maths-idiot. The best I can do in maths is something like 89 - 17 = ...  haha.
Oh dear. I'm tired and stupid. Good night. &jokes;
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23 September 2007 @ 20:27
Noaah. I gotta rape this blog for my uninteresting bunch of thoughts again.
Do you know anything what to do with studying Eastasien- economy? Whatever it might be. I want to go to S. - Korea for a year. Press me the Daumens and have a nice week.
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23 July 2007 @ 12:48
Actually I deleted all the entries, I have another blog and a website. I don't like livejournal.